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Up, Up and Away Limited Edition Framed Silk Art Print

Up, Up and Away Limited Edition Framed Silk Art Print

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Soar to new heights with "Up, Up and Away"! This playful silk art print captures the joy and wonder of hot air balloon rides with its vibrant colors and charming design. Perfect for adding a whimsical touch to any space.

Our limited edition framed silk art print is a one-of-a-kind handmade by skilled artisans in England. The print is crafted from 100% pure silk twill and mounted on organic half panama cotton. The frame is made from FSC certified wood and features an acrylic pane to protect the delicate silk. Only 100 prints are available, making it an exclusive and refined addition to any space, perfect for discerning art collectors looking for a statement piece.

  • Limited Edition of 100 with Certificate of Authenticity
  • Silk Twill Mounted on Organic Cotton
  • FSC Certified Wood Frame

Details & Care

Print Size:

50cm / 20in

Frame Size:

61cm / 24in


100% Silk Twill Mounted on Half Panama Organic Cotton

FSC Certified Wood Frame

Acryclic Pane

Limited Edition of 100

Includes a certificate of authenticity mounted on the back of the frame

Made in England

Wipe with a dry lint free cloth and avoid chemical cleaners.

Avoid spaces with high levels of moisture or humidity as this will impact the appearance of the material.

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