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Tafarzit Wallpaper - Turmeric & Turquoise

Tafarzit Wallpaper - Turmeric & Turquoise

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  • IMPORTANT: our wallpaper is made to order and is non-refundable. Please ensure you order a sample to confirm the colour and size of the pattern before purchasing a roll. Samples are redeemable against a future purchase.

In the harmonious interplay of Turmeric & Turquoise, Tafarzit unfolds as a visual symphony, an exploration of the vibrant contrasts that characterize the twilight moments over the Atlas Mountains. Each intricate pattern is a brush dipped in the golden radiance of Turmeric, mirroring the sunlit landscapes, while Turquoise adds a layer of tranquil depth, embodying the essence of coastal horizons and desert skies.

The patterns of Tafarzit pay homage to the geometric marvels found in North African art, capturing the precision and interconnectedness of life. Turmeric, with its sunlit brilliance, becomes a canvas for the unfolding tales of ancient landscapes bathed in twilight hues, while Turquoise, with its calming hues, adds a layer of serenity, grounding the design in the soothing threads that weave through the Maghreb's cultural fabric.

  • 120gsm Textured Matte Finish Paper
  • Made in the UK
  • Solvent-Free & Water-Based Inks
  • Please contact us to discuss custom lengths and pattern repeat size.

Details & Care

120gsm Eco-Friendly Textured Matte Finish Paper

Pattern Repeat Size: 15.5cm / 6in
Roll Width: 62cm / 24in

Solvent Free Water-Based Inks

Surface wipe only. Clean gently by hand with mild soapy damp cloth.

If you are planning on hanging your paper on a dark wall, we recommend using lining paper before applying your wallpaper.

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Crafted in England

Immerse your walls in the artistry of individuality. Our collection of handmade luxury wallpapers is a canvas of distinctive narratives, each design a visual dialogue between tradition and modernity. Our unique wallpaper is handmade to order in England using a beautiful thick, durable, textured matt finish paper.

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Our commitment to sustainability is woven into the fabric of each creation. Our wallpaper is printed using solvent-free, water-based inks - a conscientious choice for a planet-friendly home.

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