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"Celestial Bodies" Velvet Cushion

"Celestial Bodies" Velvet Cushion

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Due to our ongoing commitment to sustainable printing, this product is made to order. Once your order is confirmed, please allow 2-3 days for manufacturing.

Celestial bodies, particularly the planets and stars, held profound significance in the world of medieval alchemy. Alchemists believed in the doctrine of correspondences, which posited that earthly and celestial realms were interconnected and influenced one another. Each celestial body was associated with specific metals and alchemical principles, with the seven classical planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn) playing central roles. These celestial bodies were believed to emanate spiritual energies that could influence terrestrial matter, and alchemists sought to harness these cosmic forces to aid in their quest for transmutation and the philosopher's stone. Planetary alignments and celestial events were meticulously observed, and alchemical operations were often timed to coincide with auspicious celestial configurations, reflecting the intricate fusion of astronomy, astrology, and mysticism in medieval alchemy.

An exquisite handmade cushion, meticulously crafted in London with double-sided eco-friendly printing and an elegant gold zipper and puller. The plump feather pad ensures the cushion never loses its shape, offering unrivaled comfort and support that you can sink into.

  • Handmade in London
  • Plump Feather Pad
  • Double-Sided Eco-Friendly Printing

Details & Care

Size: 60cm sq. / 24in

Weight: 220g
Composition: Soft Velvet Woven 100% Poly Fabric 280gsm

Double-sided eco-friendly pigment printing using specialist dye-sublimation fusing the ink into the fibers for a long-lasting print.

Elegant Gold Zipper and Puller

Plump feather filling pad means the cushion never loses its shape.

Made in England

Wash at 30°C

Low Tumble Dry Heat

Hang to Dry

Do Not Wring

Low Heat Iron

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