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"Caduceus" Silk Twill Pocket Square

"Caduceus" Silk Twill Pocket Square

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The caduceus, an ancient symbol featuring two serpents entwined around a staff, was not a central motif in medieval alchemy, but it shares some thematic connections. In antiquity, the caduceus was associated with Hermes, the messenger of the gods, and was a symbol of commerce, eloquence, and negotiation. While alchemy's primary focus was the transformation of matter and spiritual enlightenment, it did incorporate elements of symbolic language and allegory, including serpents and staffs, which could be related to the broader symbolic tradition. Serpents, often seen in alchemical imagery, represented duality, transformation, and the merging of opposites—central themes in alchemy. Staffs or rods had various symbolic meanings, such as spiritual ascent or the guiding principle. While the caduceus itself wasn't a dominant symbol, its components and themes had resonance in the alchemical quest for hidden knowledge, transformation, and the reconciliation of opposing forces.
  • Handmade in England
  • Pure Silk Twill
  • Dry Clean Only

Details & Care

Length: 33cm / 13in
Width: 33cm / 13in

Pure Silk Twill

Machine Hem

Made in England

Dry Clean Only

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